College Bound's
Guide to Doctors in Vienna
Here is everything you need to know in one place.
European Emergency Number
Ambulance (Rettung)
Please note: This list is not an endorsement by College Bound. Everything mentioned on this page are recommendations gathered by our community of students and parents.
General Practitioners (Hausärzten)
Dr. Gabriele BINDER - ÖGKK

Dr. Diana HAOULA - Ordinationszentrum Döbling

DR. Valeria ZILLNER (Russian Speaking)
Colloredogasse 24, 1180 Wien
+43 664 352 2032

List of doctors can be found here.
Ear, Nose & Throat (Hals, Nase und Ohren - HNO)
Migrane Specialist
Dr. Christine STRUHAL

Dr. Marie-Theres KASIMIR

List of doctors can be found here.
Laboratories - Lobar - several locations - several locations - several locations

Privatklinik Döbling

List of laboratories can be found here.