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How to: Resume / CV Edition

Before you start, it is important to understand your interests, values, strands and goals. Once you develop your focus, you will be bale to build a resume around your strengths.

The do's
  • Make sure that your resume is specific and concise. - Remember Quality over Quantity!
  • Use active rather than passive.
  • Make sure your format and fonts are the same.
  • Make sure to check your resume for any spelling or grammar mistakes before sending. - Have a friend read it before you send it!
  • List events in reverse chronological order. - Put the most recent events first! (Make sure that all your dates are in the same format eg. DD/MM/YYYY)
  • ALWAYS convert your resume to PDF format. - Make sure you check that the formatting is oaky before sending!
The don'ts
  • Don't use any abbreviations.
  • Do not add your photo. - Some jobs might require this, but you will have a change to add it in a separate field.
  • Do not include your gender or age on the Resume.
  • Do not include references. - If they like you, and want to offer you the job, they will ask for them in a separate section.

Keep in mind that resume standards may vary depending on the country you are applying to.

For additional information, visit Harvard's Resume and Cover Letter Guide here.
Also visit Cornell University CareerGuide here.
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