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What to do in London this time of year?

London is home to dozens of cool places and fun activities, here are our top picks for 2022!

Ice Carving - Be creative 
Have you ever typed ice carving before? Here is your chance!

Henrietta Hotel's 1970s Inspired Miracle Bar 
Why to take a trip back to the 70s !

Go ice skating at the Natural History Museum
Every tourist has to do it at least once!

Grab a bite at 34 Mayfair 
At some point you will get hungry, why not try 34 Mayfair and enjoy their Christmas decorations.

Bowling at All Start Lanes in White City
Bowling is a fun activity all year round. If you don't like to be out in the cold go bowling!

Mini Golf in December? - Swingers West End
A fan of golf? No better way to show off your skills than by playing at Swingers!

Bingo at Hijingo
Bingo with a modern swing to it? Try Hijingo!

MONOPOLY Lifesized!
Last but definitely not least... LIFESIZE MONOPOLY!!
For Parents