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Here is a list of online and in-person course that are taking place this year. If you want to see the full list, please check out their website directly.

Sotheby's Institute of Art


  • Art Law (Date: September 20,25,27 and October 2,4; Price: $975) - "This course will provide an overview of important legal as well as ethical issues and cases in art and the market, and will appeal to professionals working in the visual arts with or without a legal background, arts advisors, collectors, dealers, auction houses, museums, investors, artists, attorneys, and students of art and law."
  • Art as a Global Business: Dynamics of Art Market (Date: September 20-October 31 - 6 week; Price: $1590) - "Art as a Global Business: Dynamics of the Art Market reveals the networks, concepts, and specialized terminology of the often-secretive international art market and offers an introduction to the commercial structures through which art is produced and circulated."
  • Introduction to Art and Finance (Date: October 11- November 21 - 6 weeks; Price: $1590) - "This introductory course will explore the various financial positions possible in today’s international art market, including direct purchases, art funds and art exchanges, as well as art lending and the creation of private foundations."
  • Art Business Essentials (Date: October 11- December 5 - 8 weeks; Price: $1950) - "This comprehensive course puts participants on the right track to operate with increased expertise within the art world. It is ideal for those looking to understand the structure of the art market as well as those looking to make a career change by exploring the key roles and institutions that comprise the business of art. At the end of the eight weeks, students will complete a final project, applying the knowledge they have gained."
  • The Art of Buying and Selling at Auctions (Date: October 25 - November 21 - 4 weeks; Price $1210) - "Buying and Selling Art at Auction offers an insider’s perspective on the thrilling, fast-paced world of art auctions, taking you behind the scenes to learn from top professionals at one of the world’s premier auction houses."
  • Principles of Luxury (Date: November 8,13,15,20,22 - 2 weeks; Price: $875 EBR/$975) - "This course offers an overview of the international luxury industry with its major players and trends and analyzes luxury brand communications and strategies including digital initiatives and, ethical and sustainable practices while highlighting the challenges faced by brands as they balance their history and expertise with the increasing demands for innovation and digitalization. Questions that are answered include: How have luxury brands from a wide range of industries evolved over time. What makes luxury brand management so specific? How do creativity and craftsmanship help to build a unique relationship between luxury brands and their loyal consumers? This intensive course provides participants with a good understanding of key branding and marketing frameworks through analysis of recent art related case studies. At the end, a short exercise in luxury brand strategy is included for participants to apply their newly gained knowledge."

At the end of each course you will receive a verified Certificate of Completion form Sotheby's Institute of Art!

In-Person (Location: London)

  • Marketing for the Art World (Date: September 18-22 - 5 days; Price: 2450 Pounds) - "This course will explore the specialized marketing and public relations tactics needed for the art world, including strategies to identify, target and engage customers and clients for museums, art fairs, galleries, and auction houses."
  • Art Law and Ethics (Date: October 5-6 - 2 days; Price: 995 Pounds) - "This course provides an in-depth introduction to the complex field of art law and its implications for the larger art market. Students will study various issues such as artist’s rights and copyright, Intellectual Property and the legal ramifications of appropriation, repatriation and restitution of cultural property, and legal issues related to market transactions. Through case studies, discussions, and industry perspectives, students will understand how these issues intersect with the responsibilities of key art market players."
  • Alternative Investments (Date: October 9-13 - 5 days; Price: 2450 Pounds) - "The course will prepare students for making healthy art investments by sharing important insights into the reasons for investing in art and the financial factors driving its demand, the pricing system and how art can appreciate in value to generate financial returns.Discussed are the intricacies of art loans and art funds as well as strategies for buying and selling on the primary and secondary art markets, including the financial complexities of the auction market and new opportunities, such as NFTs."

Those who successfully complete their course will receive a certificate of completion from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Christies Auctions (Education)


  • Art Market Economics (Date: September 19 - October 2023; Price $1700) - "Art Market Economics is an intensive and in-depth course designed to introduce you to the essential features of today’s art market. Written and presented by Dr Clare McAndrew, leading art economist and author of the annual industry benchmark report, The Art Market, An Art Basel & UBS Report. Over six weeks, the course will teach you the development and structure of the art markets in key regions; critical economic theory for understanding the market; art finance; regulation; and the economic impact of the art market. Art Market Economics is structured for those thinking of entering the art industry as a career, for those wishing to develop their professional careers, or for those looking to enter the art market as buyers or consignors."
  • Art Law (Date: September 19 - October 2023; Price $1700) - "Christie’s Education’s online course Art Law offers a detailed in-depth introduction to this essential legal field. The course covers art-world legal practice and legislation in the major international regions: the USA, Europe, UK and China. The six-week course is written and presented by legal academic Vittoria Mastrandrea (Christie’s, Christie’s Education)."
  • Watches (Date: September 19 - October 2023; Price $1700) - "The mechanical watch bridges science and art, and understanding the development of the watch requires insight into both the engineering challenges that have been overcome, and the artistry seen in the design of mechanism and case. This course provides a historical introduction to the development of the watch and how it functions, and discusses in detail the brands and designers who have made the mechanical wristwatch the object of desire that it is today."
  • Luxury Package (Date: September 19; Price: $3500) - "This package combines three different modules: Watches, History of Jewellery DesignL 1180 ti now, JewelleryL Gemstones, Metal, Fashion, Film and Objects d'art. An exclusive look inside some of the most famous luxury houses in the globe. Including filmed interviews with Cartier, Richard Mille, Bulgari, Breguet, Van Cleef & Arpels and many many more, the three online courses in the Luxury package are full of incredible detail and glamourous insight. The package includes two courses on jewellery and one on watches."
  • Negotiating the Art Market: Collecting, Buying and Selling Art (Date: September 12- December 12; Price: 980 Pounds) - "Developed and adapted over many years to include the most current and relevant topics connected with the Art World, Christie's Education's Negotiating the Art Market course offers participants access to leaders in their fields. For anyone interested in learning more about Art World practice, or for those looking to start their own art business, this course will share insider knowledge in areas such as the online art market, key players in the art landscape, the fundamental legal structures around selling and collecting art, how the sector establishes the value of art, the essential elements of art marketing and PR, a guide to what is important when considering Insurance, art as an investment and much, much more. Over fourteen weeks, these virtual sessions will allow participants to interact with the lecturers and build networks with other students."
  • Handing and Cataloguing Artworks (Date: December 12-14; Price 250 Pounds) - "In this two-day course, participants will have the opportunity to investigate objects and artworks through hands-on workshops. Learning the correct way to handle and move artworks is an essential skill when working directly within the auction house or gallery environment. In addition to these sessions, participants will also be taken through the cataloguing process; a fundamental asset to have if managing collections or gallery inventories."
  • How to Read a Painting - From Old to Modern Masters (Date: January 15-19 2024; Price: 320 Pounds) - "How does one ‘read’ a painting? How does a picture work? What materials are paintings made of? What do images mean? What are the subjects of paintings? Looking at a wide range of paintings, including portraits, still lives, mythical and religious narratives, this course will give participants the ability to recognise, and make sense of, the iconography and hidden meanings in paintings."

Christie's courses are CPD certified.
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