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OXBRIDGE Deadline 2023

Hopefully you are already an expect in everything OXBRIDGE related since the deadline is coming up this Saturday (15th October)!

Here are come last minute reminders:
1.The deadline is Saturday 15th of October 2022 at 18:00 UK TIME - Don't be late!
Make sure that you have proofread every section and that there are no mistakes. If you are applying though your school (using a buzzword) we strongly suggest that you meet with your coordinator before the deadline and submit it together. (Don't forget to remind your coordinator that they also have to press the submit button!! - only if you are applying using a buzz word)

2.UCAS does not accept late applications! - If you have faced any technical difficulties, please contact UCAS directly as soon as possible. 

3.Make sure you do not miss any admissions tests! 

4.Start practicing and preparing - Practice makes perfect!

Best of luck! 

Please double check all deadline. We are not to be held accountable.
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