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What to do if Plan A did not work?

What to do if Plan A did not work? You go to Plan B!

What to do if you failed IB?
It is hard not to worry, but trust us there are ways to get around it.

Firstly, analyse how far off you were? – Is it one point on one subject or it is several subjects?

If it is only one point off on one subject,then consider getting it remarked. If that does not work, it is worth to just retake that one subject in November.

If you were a student at the school where you took the exams, they will most probably let you take the November session there as well.

If you were a private candidate then first call or email the center where you took the exams and see if they will host the November session or not. If not try contacting other schools in the city or cities close by. Often schools who's students do not need a resit in November do not offer the November session. 

If it is several subjects, then try you first have to see what the requirements of the universities you want to attend are. How far off are you? Do you think you would be able to retake more than one subject and get the grades you need?

If you are not sure if you can be successful in taking more than one subject here are three options we often offer to our students;
1. Consider taking the exams in May - This would give you sufficient time to study for the subjects again and you are would already be familiar with the curriculum. Some things to consider: do you have the time and energy to study for the exams again? Did you give your best during this session? What was the reason you fail? Can it be fixed?
2. Consider switching to A-Level - If you failed several subjects, we would often recommend students to consider taking A-Level instead of IB. This way students have to focus on only three (or four) subjects and not six plus TOK, EE and CAS. In some cases students can even get accepted into better universities than they have initially wanted. Remember to weight your options. Do you know any A-Level schools or centres near you? Would you be ready for the November Session or would you wait until May again? We strongly recommend looking at the textbook for the subjects your are considering taking. Do you think you would be able to the take exam for them? It is always good to do a practice test and see how you do before making your final choice.;
3. Consider taking SAT or General Education Diploma (GED) - Depending on where you want to go the university might accept other tests or certificates. Be sure to email your university of choice and issues other forms of externes exams before signing up to any.
Here you can find more information regarding GED.

What to do if you failed A-Level?
Your choices are similar to the ones of IB.

It is always best to first consider your abilities. Think back to how much you have studied and what made you get into this position in the first place.

Always try to underestimate your abilities. Never plan on going from a D to A*! You never know under what circumstances you will be when taking the exams.

Try to answer the following questions: Do you think you would be a successful candidate if you retake the tests in November? Do you think repeating the test in the next May session would be beneficial?

We would strongly discourage students to consider switching to IB as there are more subjects that one needs to take ignorer to be awarded a Diploma.

Who to contact next?
This would depends on if you were a private candidate or if you were a student at the school where you took your exams.

If you were a private candidate, it is best to contact one of your teachers who helped your prepare for the exams and see what they would recommend. IF you used an agency then it is best to get in touch with them as soon as possible. They will help you figure out what the next best plan of action would be.

If you were a student at the school, then we would suggest getting in touch with your coordinator or in some cases Head of School or Head of Secondary. If you only failed because of one subject, then get in touch with the teacher of that subject and see what they would recommend.

College Bound is available around the clock to help students and guide them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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