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UCAS Personal Statement

UCAS: Personal Statement (UK)
Are you thinking of applying to the UK?
Don’t know what to write in your personal statement? Here is all you need to know!

Consider your Personal Statement as your personal resume.
The universities will meet you though your Personal Statement and your predicted grades in order to see if you would be a good fit for them. 

Your Personal Statement need to well written so that the universities understand your intentions and your background:
WHY you want to study the course you have chosen.
            Has this been something you have been passionate about since a very young age or has this recently become your passion? Why is this your passion? REMEMBER universities want to make that you are making a wise choice. At the end of the day you will be studying for the next 3+ years, it has to be something you enjoy. 
EXPLAIN your background in the field. 
            Universities what to see that you are familiar with the field. In your UCAS application you will enter your academic background but try to explain what is that you have done so far that related to the field you want to study.
SHOW your interest and passion for the field. 
            Have you read any books? Research papers? Have you read any studies published by the universities you want to go to? Did anything spark your interest? You have to demonstrate that you have gone above and beyond and that you know what you are getting into. 
DEFINE your skills and experiences.
            Extra-Curricular / After School Activities: were you a part of any clubs? Did you have any leadership positions? Have you ever taken part in any competitions? 
            Work Experience: Have you had a part-time job? Have you ever completed an internship? 
DEMONSTRATE your achievements.
            Don’t be shy. Tell the universities what you have achieved so far. Were you an honor roll student? Have you participated in any competitions? As much as they want to hear about your academic achievements, you can also write about your extracurricular achievements. Maybe you are a swimmer who swam the ironman or a horseback rider. Tell them about what you are proud. (Don't be shy, include the names of institutions that have issued your the certificates, this will give you more credibility)
OUTLINE your career aspirations.
            What do you plan on doing when you gradate? Maybe you had part time job or internship and now you want to work in that field full time? Don’t worry if your plans change as your grow but try to think of where you want to go in the future. Nerver be scared of change. 

Although it is recommended that 75% (3/4) of your Personal Statements are about academics and course related information and the remaining 25 (1/4) are about your extra-curricular activities. REMEMBER universities are looking for well rounded students!!

At the end of the day, you have to make it your own. Don't over exaggerate too much, but also don't underestimate your abilities. 
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