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Bocconi Online Test

Bocconi Online Test is said to be similar to SAT with four different sections consisting of 50 multiple choice questions altogether for which the student is given 75 minutes.

Students should keep in mind that this test carries negative marking, meaning if you answer a question wrong you will receive minus marks.

Keep in mind that: “Applicants who receive a total score (penalties included) lower than 17 will not be considered in the selection process.”

The test is made of 50 multiple-choice questions that are divided into four sections: Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Numerical Reasoning and Critical Thinking.

Mathematics includes:

  • Algebra
  • Functions
  • Plane Geometry
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Sets
  • Logarithms and Exponentials
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Numbers
  • Probability
  • Problem Solving
  • Statistics

Reading Comprehension: tests students ability to read and analyse texts by asking several questions regarding the context of the text.

Numerical Reasoning: includes tasks like reading a chart or a table

Critical Thinking: is the ability to actively and skillfully conceptualise, apply, analyse, summarise and/or assess information.

The university does not provide any official Bocconi test preparation textbooks. Many students have referred back to their mathematics textbooks and sample SAT tests to help them prepare for the test.

It is highly recommended that students try Bocconi Online Test Simulation before taking the real test. Once you have taken the Test Simulation, you will be able to see a revision of your performance.

Bocconi practice tests can be found here:
Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Keep in mind that there are days when the test is not available.

The webtesting platform will NOT be available:

  • from 5 August through 23 August 2023
  • from 22 September through 1 October 2023
  • from 7 December through 10 December 2023
  • from 23 December 2023 through 1 January2024
  • from 26 January through 4 February 2024
  • from 31 March through 1 April 2024


More information can be found here.

Important reminders:
  • Some programs may have additional requirements! For example “students who have the Bachelor in Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence among their choices, will need to obtain at least 11 points out of 28 in the “Mathematics” area to be considered for that program.”
  • The last day to take Bocconi Online Test for the Winter Session is around 23rd of January (bookings close 2 days before)! Check the website for the correct deadline!
  • “Applicants can take the test a maximum of three times per academic year.” - You can not take the test twice on the same day or two days in a row.
  • “For undergraduate programs, only candidates who have already obtained their high school diploma or will obtain it by July 2024 are entitled to take the test.”

Students who take the test when not eligible (for example those graduating later than 2022/23) will have their test voided and will be excluded from any further round of selection!”

Each test carries a charge of 60 EUR. “After purchasing a test attempt , the test will be available within about 48 hours.”

Once the applicant has obtained their test score, it is their decision whether to apply for admissions or not and which test score to use (if they have taken the test more than once).

Registration for the online test can be found here. (Bocconi Webtesting Platform)

Information regarding results can be found here.

More information can be found here.

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