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5 Books: Mathematics and Statistics to enhance Critical Thinking

Being able to reason and give logical arguments is a very important skills that one needs to master. We all make mistakes, but it is important to learn how to make the right decision!

Now a days, even school children have to add citric thinking tests at school. Here are six books we subject reading if you want to improve your critical thinking skills. 

  1. Weapons of math destruction (Cathy O'Neil)
  2. A field Guide to Lies (Daniel J. Levitin)
  3. Calling Bullshi*t (Carl T. Bergstrom)
  4. The Math of Life&Death (Kit Yates)
  5. How Not to Be Wrong - The Power of Mathematical Thinking (Jordan Ellenberg)
  6. (Here is one more!) A Mind or NUMBERS (Barbara Oakley)

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