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Real Estate Tips for Austria

  • If you are not from Austria, there may be additional laws and restrictions in place for buying property in Austria. Different municipalities, what we call " Bundeslände" have their own rules. 
  • Be prepared to pay anywhere between 9 and 13% of the property value for the transaction fees. (These include: Property Transfer Tax, Value Added Tax, Registration Duty, Notary Fee, Agent's Fee and more!)
  • If you are planning on taking out a mortgages, Banks will typically finance up to 70% and the length of the mortgage is usually between 15 and 25 years. TIP! If you have been making your incoming abroad, be sure to consult a tax expert on the best way to proceed with purchasing a house.
  • NON-EU Citizens are only allowed to purchase and have one property and will require permission from the government! Be sure to issue this with your real estate agent or lawyer.

  • If you don't mind driving, you will find cheaper properties in Lower Austria, some as close as 20 minutes from the centre.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to pay a deposit ("Kaution"), typically is is 2-3 month's rent.
  • In addition, if you found a property through a real estate agent or the property was listed by a real estate agent, you will typically pay 1-3 month of the rent plus 20% VAT as a commission. 

Here are the top three websites where you can search for real estate in Austria. 
TIP! - Sometime there are different properties listed on different websites! Be sure to check out all of the websites.
TIP! - Sometimes the same property is listed by several agencies, it is important that you stick to one agency, otherwise you may be asked to pay commissions more than once!
TIP! - When possible, always clarify with your real estate expert that viewing of properties are free of charge!
TIP! - "Kaufen" means BUY, ""Miete" means RENT!

Price Comparison Website
TIP! - Compare the prices of properties that your are interested in to the average prices! 
TIP! - IF the property has been sitting on the market for a long time, try your best to negotiate the price down. Negotiations will likely not work for property that are new on the market. is a website often used by real estate professionals for companies prices of both apartments and houses in the designated "Bundesland".  Direct links can be found below:
Vienna Apartments for Rent - "Wien Wohnungen Miete"
Vienna Rent (Old Buildings) - "Wien Wohnungen Miete Altbau"
Vienna Rent (New Buildings) - " Wien Wohnungen Neubau"
Lower Austria - Houses - "Häuser in Niederösterreich"
Lower Austria - Apartments - "Wohnungen in Niederösterreich

Trusted Companies
Marlies Muhr Immobilien 
CORICON Properties
JP Immobilien 
Engel&Völkers Wien
Moritz Immobilien 
Elisabeth Roth Real Estate 

German Real Estate Vocabulary 
Immobilien - Real Estate 
Immobilienmakler - Real Estate Agent 
Mieten - Rent
Kaufen - Buy
Wohnung - Apartment
Haus - House
Bezirk - District 
PLZ - Postal Code 
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