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Job Interviews & How to ace them!

Many schools don't prepare their students for the real world. As we grow and finish school and university, we start looking for jobs. Finding a job is more complex than you think. 

Big companies usually have several interview rounds some even have assessments you need to complete. 

Here is how you can ace for your dream job interview:
  1. When you talk about yourself -  keep it short max. 90 seconds. This is where you talk about what your studied, where your worked, etc. Remeneter they already read your CV, your don't need to tell them everything you have on it. Highlight information that is important for the role you are applying for.  
  2. Don't be shy! Talk about your achievements with confidence! - this is where you need to stand out! Don't over do it (maybe just a little), and definitely don't under do it! 
  3. Add Numbers! - facts, numbers and specific data. Numbers speak louder than words! Tell them concrete facts. 
  4. Tell something about your hobbies! - we are all human, they need someone with character! Tell them something that is interesting! Maybe you swam the English Channel, well they won't know that if you don't tell them! 
  5. HR are looking for people not just a perfect CV! - remember when they hire someone they want to make sure that they fit in. Remember to smile, show your character!