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Apply to schools and universities in the United Kingdom with the help our experts!
What will you get?
Quality education in the best universities in the world
Boarding Schools

Whatever your reason is for choosing boarding schools in the UK, our team will guide you all the way.

We will be happy to advise you on choosing a boarding school in the UK and help you find the best option for you. Generally, boarding schools in the UK require an entrance exam for which, we, College Bound will prepare you.

We work with most UK boarding schools. Students from British schools graduate with IB, A-Level and Cambride Pre-University qualifications.


Starting the application process early enables you to attend open days at universities in the UK that interest you. This is a great opportunity to get to know the university and interact with students. We will make sure that your application, personal statement and study plan is completed in the best possible way. By working with you individually, identifying your preferences, discussing your "personal statement" and preparing you for interviews, tests and auditions we will help you get into the university of your dreams.

Universities in the UK also offer 'foundation programmes', which allow you to study specific subjects in-depth for a year before you go to university itself.

At College Bound we offer several university packages, depending on our level of involvement in your admission. Sign up for a consultation with us and we will tell you about our offers.

Summer Schools

Many of the UK's leading universities offer summer programmes that take place on campus. By attending such programmes you can gain additional experience as well as new knowledge on your chosen subject, as lectures are given by real experts and professors.

Summer school is an exciting and educational journey for any teenager!

There are also many English language camps in the UK.

"The worlds' famous University of Cambridge offers a Summer Science programme for those who want to study science further at university and for those, who want to extend their knowledge. You can also attend this summer school if you are just interested in the field. The course includes practical sessions, attending lectures by university professors and evening activities.

How do I apply?
Universities in the UK apply through the UCAS system. The application deadline for most universities is 15 January. When applying to Oxford or Cambridge, you can choose only one of these universities. The application deadline for Oxbridge is usually 15 October.
What role does College Bound play
in the application process?
College Bound is the bridge between the applicant and their dream university. We work closely with our students and accompany them at every stage of the application process. College Bound includes 6 different application packages as well as 3 Oxbridge packages. We can help you to prepare your personal statement, prepare for interviews and examinations if necessary.
Can I apply to multiple countries
with College Bound?
Very often students are unsure about their choice of university. We can help you to make a choice of university and apply to universities in different countries.

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