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Universities in the US
Applying and being selected for universities in the United States is a fairly complex process with a lot of competition. Each university requires a detailed application that reflects the values and character of the applicant. Each sentence of your letter should express not only a desire to learn and passion for the subject matter, but also the ability to further your knowledge. Applicants should give and spend quality time on essays, school reports, extracurricular activities and recommendations. Successful applications emphasise your extracurricular talents and academic skills equally.
The College Bound team will help you put together an action plan to help you get into desired university. We provide application management, essay coaching and interview preparation. We help each student find their unique direction that reveals their personality, strengths and vision. We encourage you to contact College Bound for consultation to visualise what your child needs and increase their chances of getting into the university of their dreams.
What do I need to consider when applying to the US?
Standardized tests for all applicants: SAT, ACT or SAT Subject Tests
Extracurricular profile
Additional essays for each university
Recommendation from teachers or tutors (a minimum of 2)
What do I need to consider when applying to the US?
Most US universities use a common application platform, the Common App. To start the application process, you need to register on this platform and fill in all the necessary details. There you will see the admission requirements for each university (e.g. whether they require additional essays). Later on, you will also be able to track your application process through this portal
Education in Canada
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How do I choose a university in Canada?
Choosing a Canadian university is a complicated process. We will advise you on the best university options and courses that will give the applicant the knowledge they need! From choosing the best course to writing an essay, our team can tell you what the university is looking for in its students and how to reflect this in your applications.

Our services include mentoring throughout your education pathway, including mentoring in high school and mentoring in your choice of university. We help you prepare for interviews, writing essays and explain all the features of the system. We encourage you to contact us to arrange a consultation to find out about your child's current progress and possible next steps towards successful entry.

Our experts help each pupil to find his or her vocation, which reveals his or her personality, merits and vision. We recommend that you contact College Bound for a consultation to find out your child's actual chances of admission and for advice on how to increase their chances.
Summer Courses
Summer courses are a great way to delve deeper into your academic interests and find like-minded people from all over the world. Schools offer a wide range of subjects that are studied in more depth than in ordinary schools. There you can gain new knowledge, experience and also find out if this is the right direction for you to study at university.

Attending summer school demonstrates your interest in a subject. It will help you improve your portfolio for admission and increase your chances of success.

Summer schools not only challenge you academically, but also allow you to discover what university life will offer you after you become a college student. Living in a dormitory, meeting and experiencing people from all over the world, and gaining independence are the skills you will definitely acquire.
Summer schools attended by our students
— Boston University

— Brown University

— Stanford University

— UCLA Anderson School of Management
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